Who we are

Emporio Isola was born in 1976 thanks to the dedication of a businessman, Ennio Borgia, founder of the society, whom has been working in the field of warehousing clothing since thirty-six years.
The principal and historical location is set in Via Prina 11, Milan, a central and very well linked area.
Emporio Isola has become a landmark for many Milan’s people as well as for foreign clients, thanks to a good reputation acquired from both local and international press.
The store, composed by wide spaces, is distributed on two different floors, stylishly furnished and parted following the commodities sector.
Clothing and accessories such as shoes, bags, little leather goods, both for man and woman, come either from the renowned Made in Italy and international panorama’s brands.
To make the shopping’s experience more comfortable, Emporio gives its clients the possibility to park inside its courtyard.
The society has a good position on the market, is proud of a well known name and reliability, recognized both from its clients and the providers.

The best griffe with stock prize.

The way we work:

The remarkable care toward the choice of the products, qualified and of high brands, makes Emporio Isola a unique store compared to other outlets. At the end of the season, the society takes over the unsold stock from high-end stores, all over the country.
The wares are weekly renovated so to give the clients the possibility to find new items every time at good prices, combined with a wide selection of products and an exceptional professionalism, which are difficult to find nowadays. Our range of supplier, well consolidated and continuously up to dating, is able to satisfy every kind of request. The brands we choose belong to the luxury world as well as the casual and sportive one.

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